Users upgrading from AnkiMobile 1: please see here.

Changes in 2.0.11

2.0.11 was approved by Apple on Feb 4 2013.

  • AnkiMobile now requires iOS5.0 or later.

  • Added support for multiple profiles on devices running iOS6 or iOS7. You can switch profiles from the settings screen, and each profile has its own syncing account and settings like the computer version.

  • Tweaks to the pinch-to-zoom code so that minor movements and finger releases do not cause the zoom to jump.

  • Fix a bug that could lead to a corrupt deck list when one deck’s name was the prefix of another deck.

  • Filtered and custom study decks can now be up to 99999 cards.

  • Fix a bug where the next/prev buttons stopped working after adding a card.

Changes in 2.0.10

2.0.10 was approved by Apple on Dec 20 2013.

  • Fix a problem syncing media with non-latin text filenames.

Changes in 2.0.9

2.0.9 was approved by Apple on Dec 13 2013.

  • Fix a crash that some users were encountering when syncing or viewing the list of decks.

  • Fix a crash when returning from the card edit screen.

  • Fix a few issues with syncing media.

  • Fix a small white line appearing above the counts when your cards had non-white background colour.

Changes in 2.0.8

2.0.8 was approved by Apple on Nov 19 2013.

  • Fix layout issues and a crash in the custom study screen caused by the previous update to iOS7.

  • Default to a darker theme on iOS7. The blue one can be selected in the preferences if you prefer it.

  • Add an option in the settings screen to enable autocorrection when adding/editing

  • The navigation bar hiding has been reworked: instead of a thin line at the top of the screen which people found difficult to tap, the navigation bar is now shown or hidden by an action that can be assigned to a tap or swipe in the preferences screen. If you wish to leave it permanently off, you can toggle it off with the action, and then assign the tap or swipe to something else.

  • In the interests of a timely release, hiding the navigation bar will now hide the status bar as well, which works around a layout issue. If possible, the status bar will be made independent again in a future release.

  • Fix an issue with burying cards in a filtered deck.

  • Fix a crash when a sync found inconsistencies.

  • Fix a crash caused by a deck with an empty name is in the collection.

  • Fix the card counts failing to appear when navigation bar hidden.

  • Fix graph axis labels appearing in wrong location on iOS7

  • Fix field labels when editing appearing in a difficult to read colour if you had used certain themes in previous versions.

Changes in 2.0.7

2.0.7 was approved by Apple on Nov 7 2013.

  • On iOS7 devices, AnkiMobile now uses the iOS7 design language instead of the old provided themes.

  • Fix a bug that could leave the collection in an inconsistent state when a sync failed partway through.

  • Fix another issue where a full sync would sometimes be required if the previous sync failed due to an unreliable connection.

  • Burying of reviews can now be disabled via the computer version.

  • When burying disabled, don’t terminate review before all the cards are done.

  • Fix a regression where new cards were being shown in creation order instead of their repositioned order or randomized order.

  • Support is:buried in searches, like on computer version.

  • You should no longer have to wait for a second after scrolling to be able to tap on links.

  • A possible fix for a hang when returning from card edit screen.

  • Fix a crash when doing a complicated field search in a large collection.

  • Show "1000+" like computer version if count over 1000.

  • Don’t mark cards as modified when automatically unburying, which could lead to progress being reset on sync in certain circumstances.

  • "Download media" option renamed to "Transfer media", as it also affects uploads.

Changes in 2.0.6

2.0.6 was approved by Apple on Oct 17 2013.

  • iOS7 users were finding the answer was sometimes slow to appear; this has been worked around.

  • A native iOS7 look is planned for the next release - some outstanding issues meant it couldn’t be included in this one.

  • Fixed a bug on iOS7 where new, empty decks couldn’t be added.

  • 2.0.6 introduces the new sibling handling from the 2.0.13 computer version, which does a better job of ensuring you don’t see siblings close to each other. For more information, please see the desktop changelog:

  • When you import a shared deck, it will now update any notes that have been changed in the shared deck, provided the note types are compatible. Any review progress is preserved.

  • Support a new sort type for filtered decks that allows you to order by relative priority.

  • Automatic backups are no longer compressed, which can result in backups that are up to 4-5x faster.

  • AnkiMobile now clears the deletion log and optimizes the collection before doing a full upload, leading to a smaller upload.

  • Fixed a bug where failures at certain points of the sync process were failing silently instead of being reported, and syncing now waits longer before deciding to give up.

  • Fixed audio recording on iPhone 5s devices.

  • Fixed the "quieten audio" option again.

  • Fixed the recording playback confirmation coming out of the top speaker.

  • Don’t show (un)marked, (un)suspend etc; change text depending on current state.

  • When importing, note types are now renamed if their name is a duplicate of an existing note type.

  • Fix a crash when user types anki:/// into Safari.

  • When making gestures in the study area, the card will no longer scroll off the top or bottom of the screen, and the amount of scrolling is reduced.

  • Disable autocorrection in the add&edit screens, as it’s too problematic when dealing with multiple languages.

  • Faster toggling of the scratchpad with complicated note types.

  • Fixed a problem in automatic leech suspension that could cause errors down the road.

  • Fix the quickbar appearing on the wrong screens after certain actions.

  • Don’t hide the default deck if it has subdecks.

  • Various other changes from 2.0.13 have been ported over.

Changes in 2.0.5

2.0.5 was approved by Apple on Aug 8 2013.

Some users have reported a problem starting the app if they’ve renamed one of their decks to an empty/blank string. Renaming the deck will fix the startup issue.
  • Fixed an issue where "quieten music" would silence the music when turned off, instead of leaving it alone. This option now also defaults to off for new users.

  • Scratchpad changes:

    • Can now toggle scratchpad from All Actions screen.

    • Scratchpad background is lighter for better contrast with the pen.

    • Scratchpad won’t be automatically cleared when you toggle it off and on again on the same card.

  • When an empty card shows up for review, don’t automatically advance to the next card.

  • Bring handling of empty clozes in line with computer version.

Changes in 2.0.4

2.0.4 was approved by Apple on Aug 1 2013, and should be available as a free update to existing users within 24 hours.

The "quieten music" option is not working correctly in this release - when turned off it will silence background music instead of leaving it untouched, and it defaults to off. This will be fixed in the next release; in the mean time please turn the option off then on again if you wish to listen to music in the background.
  • Syncing improvements:

    • Check that the collection is consistent before syncing, and catch more problems than before.

    • When problems are found while syncing, suggest a database check instead of always (and sometimes inappropriately) forcing a full sync.

    • Fix an issue where a problem syncing media was incorrectly reported as a problem with regular syncing, leading to unnecessary full syncs.

    • When Anki detects a problem syncing media, it is now able to recover on the next sync.

    • Media syncing no longer needs to send all files on the first sync, so if you have a lot of media you can import it via iTunes and media syncing will not need to transfer it again.

    • Fixed an issue with leaking resources that could cause long media downloads to fail.

    • Play a sound on sync completion, like in Anki 1.

    • Syncing finishes faster in the no changes case, and should perform a bit better in other cases too.

    • Fix an issue where a full sync wasn’t being forced when it should have been.

  • Integrated database check function, so it’s no longer necessary to use the computer version to fix some errors.

  • Faster startup and resume, especially when the user has lots of decks.

  • Anki will no longer time out on startup when the user has hundreds or thousands of decks (though it’s still recommended to reduce them to a more manageable number).

  • Audio changes:

    • Anki will now play audio even if the silent mode switch is on, as this was a common source of confusion in the past. If you need to study in public without sound, please hold down the lower volume key briefly to mute the audio.

    • By default, if music is playing in the background, its volume will be lowered while Anki is active so that any audio on the cards can be heard easily. You can use the Settings>Review>Quieten Music option to change this behaviour.

    • Fixed a bug where tapping on a replay audio button could show the answer or advance to the next card.

    • Fixed a bug where a replay audio button that appeared under your finger when showing the answer or next card could trigger audio to play.

    • Make sure audio is properly configured when switching back to Anki.

  • Importing changes:

    • Faster importing.

    • Fixed a bug where importing decks with modified note types could result in duplicates being imported.

    • If the default deck options are set to random order, randomize cards when importing a shared deck.

    • Fixed a resource leak in importing.

  • Scratchpad improvements

    • The scratchpad is now hidden and shown via actions, so you can bind it to taps, quickbar buttons and so on, or access it via Tools>All Actions.

    • The on/off state of the scratchpad is now remembered per card type, rather than per deck.

  • Tap handling improvements:

    • Taps are now honored even in the left and right margins where the gesture zones exist - previously it was not possible to tap on links that fell in those areas.

    • Fixed various issues where a tap could trigger links in the resulting card transition.

    • Fixed tapping on "Show Hint" being interpreted as a tap to reveal answer.

  • The custom study cram and tag study options have been merged into a single option that allows you to choose tags and card type, like the latest computer version of Anki.

  • Bring LaTeX handling in line with the latest computer version of Anki.

  • Fix an issue where the wrong number of answer buttons would appear in some circumstances.

  • Add "mature correct" statistics to the graphs.

  • Fix an issue where users couldn’t sync in iOS7.

  • Show filtered decks in blue in the deck list.

  • Confirm deletion of non-filtered decks.

  • When exiting the filtered deck options, only remove an empty filtered deck if it was just created.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashes or DB corruption under rare circumstances.

  • Improved database performance.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a background backup to get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue with searching in field text.

  • Don’t save note if no changes have been made.

  • Make sure to display furigana correctly when it has non-breaking spaces in it.

  • Various minor fixes to stats

  • The "Tap to hide nav bar" option now controls behaviour of both hiding and showing.

  • Fixed an issue where the bottom of an answer could be hidden by the bottom bar, especially when "bigger answer buttons" was turned on.

  • Fix some issues with pinching to expand/shrink images.

  • Fix handling of the interval multiplier option for cards in the learn queue.

  • Fix card:n search

  • Confirm note delete in edit window

  • Fix some option changes not taking effect until app restarted.

  • Enable autocorrect and capitalization when adding/editing notes.

  • Work around obscure iOS6 bug that was causing toolbar buttons on the deck list to disappear

  • Fixed an issue where the counts of subdecks was not being tallied correctly in some cases, which could lead to syncs failing.

  • Add Rebuild & Empty actions for filtered decks, which can be bound to taps, swipes, etc.

  • If no camera available, show image library.

  • Hide default deck if empty.

  • Make sure we don’t hide the marked star when rotating the screen.

  • Other minor fixes.

Changes in 2.0.3

2.0.3 was approved by Apple on Feb 7 2013, and is available in the app store.

  • A number of improvements to pinching to zoom:

    • Pinching now updates the size as you pinch, instead of only when you’ve finished pinching.

    • The size increase is more gradual now.

    • Fixed a bug where only the first image would have its size changed.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a partially-completed sync or import to be saved if the app was killed by the user.

  • When comparing typed-in answer in cloze field, make sure to properly strip optional hint.

  • The scratchpad is now slightly larger, with an option in the review settings to increase its size further.

  • Another fix for taps on links or audio buttons being accidentally interpreted as a tap to advance.

  • When review card repeatedly failed in relearning, make sure interval doesn’t decrease below the minimum interval the user has set.

  • Ignore formatting tags in {{#Field}} replacements.

  • When adding, show note types in alphabetical order.

  • Fix bug where the list of the tags in the browser would disappear when collection uploaded from AnkiMobile. If you were affected by this, Tools>Maintenance>Check DB in the desktop should bring the list of tags back.

  • Fix answer ticks appearing in wrong place when device rotated on deck list screen.

  • When using a filtered deck with rescheduling disabled, on the last step show "(end)" instead of nothing.

  • Strip leading/trailing whitespace in tags, which fixes {{#Tags}} and also slight misalignment when included on cards.

  • Don’t crash when user tries to set zero backups.

  • Don’t crash when trying to add cards from within a filtered deck.

  • Fixed a bug where no counts were underlined when you switched from a finished deck to a non-finished one.

  • Fix "Replay" action when user has replay buttons disabled.

  • Fixed a bug where media deleted on the desktop was not deleted on AnkiMobile on the next sync.

  • Fixed a bug where a random order custom study deck created on AnkiMobile could not be edited with the desktop.

  • Fix tap zones moving up/down when the navigation bar is hidden/shown with a tap.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash when visiting the upgrade screen on some iOS versions.

  • If the collection somehow gets into an unreadable state, it is now backed up to iTunes and a new one put in its place.

  • Fixed a crash on some iOS versions when a sync failed.

  • Make sure we show the replay button even if user has disabled autoplay.

  • Fix play button on sound files with non-latin text.

  • Fixed a bug where the finished message would not display when the daily review limit had been exceeded.

  • Fixed issue with image resizing where landscape images were being cropped.

  • Fix an issue where audio occasionally wouldn’t autoplay when going through cards quickly.

  • Other minor fixes.

Changes in 2.0.2

2.0.2 was approved by Jan 25 2013, and is now in the app store.

  • AnkiMobile now takes automatic backups of your collection once an hour. If you accidentally make a mistake, you can restore a backup via iTunes.

  • Audio replay buttons are now displayed on your card for each audio file you have attached, like previous AnkiMobile versions did.

  • Custom study now has a limit to tags option that allows you to select tags to include and exclude like the desktop version, instead of having to type them in.

  • AnkiMobile now has a native scratchpad, which can be enabled from Settings>Review. If you were previously using the scratchpad add-on, you can remove the old scratchpad from your cards by going to Edit>Cards in the desktop version of Anki and deleting all the scratchpad-related text.

  • When a link on a card is tapped, it’s now opened in an external Safari window instead of within Anki, so that children can’t use Anki to circumvent content restrictions. You can double tap the home button and click on Anki to quickly return to study.

  • If you upgraded from Anki 1, you should have an "Upgrading" option in the settings screen. If you go into that and choose to remove that option, it will clean up any old .anki decks and media you had in the old version, freeing up space.

  • Automatically replay audio after it’s recorded.

  • When creating a filtered deck, it defaults to searching in the current deck now.

  • Tapping on links on cards will no longer accidentally trigger a tap as well.

  • Tapping to advance to the answer or next card will no longer accidentally trigger a link as well.

  • AnkiMobile now shrinks images to a more usable size when added from the camera.

  • Notify when a leech is encountered.

  • Add confirmation to note delete.

  • Fixed a bug where syncing would fail after a shared deck was added to your collection.

  • Fixed a bug where syncing would fail after a previous sync was interrupted by network trouble.

  • If a bug in syncing is encountered, the next sync will now ask you which side you wish to keep in order to fix the problem.

  • Up to date with the desktop 2.0.5 version. Among other things:

    • Review dates now have a random factor applied like previous versions so they spread out more.

    • Fails in relearning apply the failure multiplier each time.

    • Fix issues with clozes and <% %> in templates.

  • Fix a crash when the user had two identical deck names with different unicode encoding.

  • Possible fix for issues syncing over a proxy server that requires authentication.

  • When notes are buried, they should be removed from learning to avoid errors.

  • If you cancel out of a filtered deck creation, it will no longer stick around.

  • Fix an issue where the sync screen sometimes didn’t disappear when the network connection was flaky.

  • Fix crash when searching for decks with a wildcard.

  • Fix issue where AnkiMobile could run out of memory when importing a large collection from iTunes.

  • Don’t allow custom study on a filtered deck, as it’s not valid.

  • Fix alignment issues with the type in the answer feature.

  • Fix issues where tags could be blanked out when editing if you saved before they appeared on screen.

  • Fix importing of LaTeX images from shared decks.

  • Fix crash when renaming deck to child of itself.

  • Fix some issues where the graphs were inconsistent with the desktop version.

  • Fix the next/previous buttons sometimes not scrolling when editing.

  • Fix a bug where the decks list was reloaded when the app was resumed, even if the deck list was not visible.

  • Tidy up some sync messages.

  • Tweaks to the graphs so numbers are less likely to overlap the graph.

  • Don’t revert to question when marking.

  • Fix undo issue

  • Don’t crash in stats in new decks.

  • Don’t allow adding to a filtered deck.

  • Support landscape of the filtered deck screen.

  • Theme handling screen has been simplified.

  • Fix "answer hard" action choosing the wrong answer in learning mode.

  • When daily limits have changed, make sure to update counts.

  • Fix stretching buttons in iOS4.

  • The about screen now shows the exact version you’re running.

  • Fixed an issue where an interrupted import could leave the database in an inconsistent state.

  • Fixed a crash when decks had a @ in the name.

  • When showing the question, scroll back up to top.

  • Fix some cloze issues.

  • The "preview" custom study option should not reschedule cards.

  • Include exact counts in card types graph.

  • Remove unused "preset" button from iPad filter/cram screen.

  • Allow "tap to show navigation bar" on the finished screen.

  • Add missing "correct" text to today stats.

  • Fix issues with answer bar being overlapped.

  • Fixed display of some LaTeX.

  • Fixed an issue where particular non-latin text could cause a card not to display.

Changes in 2.0.1

2.0.1 was approved by Apple on Nov 13 2012.

  • Added "Custom Study" feature from the latest desktop version, which makes it easier to extend the daily new card or review limits, and create filtered decks. Due to time constraints the "limit by tag" option has not been implemented yet; it is expected to come in the next release.

  • Filtered decks can still be created manually; the screen is now accessed via Tools>More (or can be bound to a tap, swipe, etc).

  • Added Today section to statistics, like on latest desktop.

  • Fixed various issues with audio handling:

    • Audio now stops when transitioning to different screen.

    • AM now honours the "autoplay audio" setting of the desktop.

    • AM now honours the "replay question when answer shown" setting of the desktop.

    • Fixed bug where multiple audio fields didn’t play correctly when card shown.

    • Fixed bug where multiple audio clips could play at the same time.

    • Fixed bug where question audio was replayed when answer was shown.

    • Don’t hide replay button if audio in question but not answer.

  • Import/export improvements:

    • You no longer need to choose between adding to or replacing the collection when importing via iTunes or adding a shared deck.

    • Shared deck importing is much faster, and no longer can cause AnkiMobile to run out of memory.

    • Shared deck importing now copes more gracefully with cards that were originally based on the same note type, and duplicate media names.

    • Fixed an issue where an iTunes export wasn’t included media even if "include media" was selected.

  • Fixed an issue where media added on the device via the camera/photo library/recording facility was not being uploaded to AnkiWeb during a sync, which caused a "media sanity check failed" message. If you continue to get such messages, please export your collection with media via iTunes (as described in the manual), and import it into the desktop program. After doing that and syncing, the problem should go away.

  • Fix an issue where the card count increased by one when returning from the tools screen.

  • Fix black areas appearing on the deck list on iOS4.3.

  • Fix searches & filtered decks limited to due date

  • AnkiMobile now supports .mobile in your templates (

  • Automatically resize quickbar buttons when the device is rotated.

  • Reviews/day statistics is more precise.

  • Fixed issues with "reschedule" option on filtered decks being ignored.

  • Fixed issue where failing a review card would give it the number of learning steps instead of relearning steps.

  • Fix AnkiMobile reverting to question taps when the device was rotated while the answer was shown.

  • Fix issues with tapping to hide/show the navigation bar.

  • Fix issues where the status bar or navigation bar were not reset properly when returning from another screen like the tools screen.

  • Fix crashes caused by invalid deck names.

  • Fix an issue where the buttons displayed intervals like "2d 2d 3d" instead of "2d 3d 4d".

  • More robust handling of dropped connections during sync.

  • Fix an out of memory condition that could occur when looking for added media.

  • Don’t crash if the user tries to add an empty deck name.

  • Fix cards being shown twice when returning from edit mode.

  • Fix reviews being reset to a 1 day interval even if the user had provided a non-zero lapse %.

  • Made the difference between the normal answer buttons and bigger answer buttons more pronounced.

  • When adding/editing a card, newlines are now honoured properly.

  • Fix issues with cloze hints.

  • Fix type in the answer when used in conjunction with a cloze.

  • Fix issues with collection-wide settings not being properly synced from the desktop.

  • When previewing a card, make sure we show the edited card and not the first card of that note type.

  • Fix inverted find ordering.

  • Fix inverted order of filtered decks when coming from/going to desktop.

  • Strip HTML from fields before comparing with the typed in answer.

  • Fix issue where count on deck list and study screen was inconsistent.

  • Fix some minor graph issues.

  • Fix an issue displaying LaTeX that had multiple lines or non-latin characters.

  • Don’t allow cards to be added to a filtered deck.

  • Fixed a crash when deleting a card via the edit screen.

  • Show a warning rather than crash when a collection is corrupt.

  • Fix tags not showing up when editing.

  • Fix for a blank toolbar appearing after syncing.

  • Properly sync media when full sync option is triggered in the preferences.

  • Fixed a crash when using the photo chooser on an iPad.

  • Support <% %> in LaTeX templates.

  • Be stricter about invalid CSS, to bring behaviour in line with the desktop.

  • Don’t crash when trying to export to iTunes when the collection is already in iTunes.

  • You can now pinch to zoom on the statistics screen.

  • Don’t unmark when actions like "mark&suspend" triggered.

  • Fix difficult to read table headers when certain theme backgrounds selected.

Please Read Before Upgrading to 2.0

AnkiMobile 2 is a big update, and depending on the features you used previously and how comfortable you are with computers, it may take a little while to set up and get used to.

As the old AnkiWeb was shut down on Feb 7 2013, the old version will no longer be able to sync, but you can continue to use iTunes to transfer decks to and from a computer.

As Apple do not provide the ability to download previous versions from the app store, you may also want to create a backup of the old version before upgrading.

What’s New in 2.0

AnkiMobile 2.0 is based on Anki 2.0, a new version for computers that has been in development for over a year and a half. It’s faster, has much-improved synchronization, and introduces some useful new features.

It’s highly recommended that you check out the desktop changes page. The top section lists the most important changes, and many of the changes also apply to AnkiMobile.

As for mobile-specific changes compared to the previous release:

  • AnkiMobile has been rewritten from scratch to avoid all the problems that were caused by the old toolkit. Combined with the improvements in Anki 2, almost every action is noticeably faster, and the app is more stable.

  • Syncing of sounds and images has been greatly simplified due to Anki 2.0’s integrated media syncing: no more messing around with Dropbox or being unable to sync media added on your device back to the desktop.

  • Shared decks can now be added directly from your mobile device, without requiring access to a computer.

  • You can now add privately shared decks as well, either from a private website, a mail attachment, or any other app that supports the "Open in…" protocol.

  • AnkiMobile now provides the same graphs and statistics that Anki 2 does.

  • You can now customize the colours of the app, with more customizations likely to come in the future.

  • Support for the iPhone 5.

  • iOS4.2 support has been dropped, as Apple don’t make it possible to support the iPhone 5’s bigger screen and iOS4.2 at the same time.

  • Swiping has been considerably improved. Instead of requiring a long press before the swipe is recognized, swipes start from the left or right side of the screen. You no longer have to choose between text selection and swipes: both can be used at once.

  • Searching/browsing no longer limits you to 100 matches: it can display your entire deck at once, even if it’s thousands of cards big.

  • Searching is much, much faster.

  • Searching supports the same searches as Anki 2, including queries such as "cards with tag Important", "cards with interval over 3 years", "cards failed today", and so on. Please see the updated manual for more information.

  • iTunes import/export is a lot easier now. To move cards to your mobile device for example, you just file>export on the desktop, copy the resulting single file to iTunes, and import from AnkiMobile. Media is automatically packaged into the single file when you export, and filenames with foreign character are handled without issue. Exporting is even easier: export from AnkiMobile, drag the file from iTunes, and double click on it to open up the desktop client and replace your collection with the updated version. More information is available in the manual.

  • And more!

In the interests of not delaying the 2.0 release, the old Lookup action has only been partially ported. While it’s still possible to open a dictionary app from a link on your card, it’s not currently possible to open a dictionary based on the currently selected text. There are also some usability issues with the scratchpad at the moment, where short taps will be treated as a tap action. This should be fixed in the next release.

Screenshots from the new version:






Backing Up AnkiMobile 1

To create a backup of the old version of AnkiMobile so that it’s possible to revert to it if you desire, please follow the following steps:

  1. Connect your device via the USB cable.

  2. Open iTunes if it’s not already open.

  3. Wait until your device finishes syncing, or sync manually if you have disabled automatic syncing.

  4. In the top left "Library" section, click on "Apps".

  5. Locate Anki in your list of apps, and right click on it. (Ctrl+click on a Mac)

  6. Choose "Show in Finder" or similar, to open your file browser.

  7. You should see a file like "AnkiMobile 1.8.ipa". Copy this file somewhere else in order to back it up.

If you accidentally upgraded before syncing, you may be able to recover the old version from your trash or recycling bin, as iTunes automatically places it there when you sync a new version.

To revert to the old version, drag the .ipa file onto iTunes. After confirming that you want to replace the app with a previous version, sync your device again to load the old version back onto it.

The Upgrade Process

Upgrading will require access to a computer.This is documented in more detail in the upgrade documentation.